Longhorn Lockpicking Club


Do I have to be a UT student to join?
We are no longer officially a student organization, so no affiliation with UT is required to attend. All are welcome!

What does it cost to join?
There are no membership fees or dues. It is free to attend and participate in our club.

Do I need my own lockpick set?
No! We have plenty of spare picks to lend out during the meetings. We do, however, recommended you own a lockpick set so you can practice between meetings. We generally have beginner sets on hand at the meetings for sale at a modest price.

Is lockpicking / the possession or purchase of lockpicks illegal?
Every state has different laws pertaining to lockpicking and the possession of lockpicking tools, so it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the applicable laws, such as Texas Penal Code Sec. 16.01. While the Longhorn Lockpicking Club offers no legal advice, it is the general understanding of the hobbyist lockpicking community that possession of lockpicking tools for the purpose of picking locks that you own is perfectly legal in Texas, and the majority other states in the U.S.

I've locked myself out of my car / apartment, can you help me?
No. We are not a locksmith service, we are a hobbyist organization of people who enjoy the sport of picking locks. We encourage you to attend our meetings to see what hobbyist lockpicking is all about, and equip yourself with the skills and information necessary to open your own locks.

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