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Restructuring Meeting Schedule :: 12-10-2013

Rather than schedule our meetings around semesters on campus we've moved to meeting every other week, at Spider House Cafe. Check out the Meetings page for details and a link to the updated calendar.

Fall 2013 Meeting Schedule :: 9-16-2013

The meeting schedule for Fall 2013 is now posted. Check it out on the Meetings page.

Spring 2013 Meeting Schedule :: 1-28-2012

The meeting schedule for Spring 2013 is now posted. Check it out on the Meetings page.

Fall 2012 Meeting Schedule :: 9-1-2012

The meeting schedule for Fall 2012 is now posted. Check it out on the Meetings page.

Spring 2012 Meeting Schedule :: 2-18-2012

The meeting schedule for Spring 2012 is now posted. Check it out on the Meetings page.

Fall 2011 Meeting Schedule :: 11-8-2011

The meeting schedule for Fall 2011 is now posted. Check it out on the Meetings page.

Lockpicking Tournament @ UTSA :: 12-29-2010

A lockpicking organization at UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) intends to host a lockpicking tournament in early March. Details will be updated here as we receive them.

Location: UTSA
Date: March 4, 2011
Time: 12pm

Fall 2010 Meeting Schedule :: 8-28-2010

The meeting schedule for Fall 2010 is now posted. Check it out on the Meetings page.

Spring 2010 Meeting Schedule :: 1-20-2010

The meeting schedule for Spring 2010 is now posted. Check it out on the Meetings page.

News 8 Austin Interview :: 6-19-2009

Heidi Zhou of News 8 Austin did a video segment about our club. You can see the story and watch the video on their website at: http://news8austin.com/content/living/fit_for_friday/?ArID=243893&SecID=444.

Fall 2009 Meeting Schedule :: 6-18-2009

The Fall 2009 meeting schedule has been added. Head over to the Meetings page for details.

Spring 2009 Meeting Schedule :: 1-21-2009

The Spring 2009 meeting schedule for lockpicking meetings has been finalized. Check out the Meetings page for details. Currently no electronic security meetings are planned for the Spring 2009 semester. If you are interested in leading an electronic security meeting and presenting a topic, get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.

Pictures :: 11-24-2008

The pictures page is (finally) up and running! We're still in the process of gathering up all the club photos so it's a bit sparse for now. If you have any photos from the meetings feel free to send them to us (via the Contact Us page) and we'll add them to the mix.

SideJacking - Electronic Security :: 11-13-2008

No presentation file from this month's meeting, but here's a link to the Ferret/Hamster tools we used during the first part of the demo: (zip). Here's an article about the latter tool we demo'ed, CookieMonster: (www).

Video Interview :: 11-7-2008

Daily Texan Media has created a video interview of our club!

Longhorn Lockpicking Club from Juan Elizondo on Vimeo.

Doug Farre Named President of L.I :: 10-29-2008

Today Josh Nekrep, of Locksport International, announced he would be stepping down as president and turning over the role to Doug Farre. Locksport International (L.I) is Longhorn Lockpicking's parent organization, and Doug Farre is the founder and former president of our club. Congratulations Doug, we couldn't be happier for you! You can see the original announcement on the Locksport homepage: (www).

ARP Poisoning - Electronic Security :: 10-10-2008

Here is the presentation from our last Electronic Security meeting, arp poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks: ElectronicSecurity2.pdf. The tool used during the demonstrations was ettercap (www), and the environment used was BackTrack 3 (www), a security-oriented linux live cd.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, SANS has an excellent whitepaper on the subject available here: (www)

WEP/WPA Cracking - Electronic Security :: 9-11-2008

As promised, here are the instructions that were used at tonight's Electronic Security meeting to demonstrate WEP and WPA cracking: wep.txt, wpa.txt. A few notes: the mac addresses referred to in the instructions are of the form 00:11:22:33:44:55, and the filename argument for airodump-ng is a prefix, so "-w wpa" would cause everything to be saved to a file named wpa-01.cap. Also, "ath0" and "wifi0" are the device names used on my computer, other computers may use wlan0 or eth1 instead depending on their wireless chipsets. These files are meant to be a reference, not a step-by-step tutorial, so you may need to read the aircrack suite's manuals if you don't understand the instructions in these files.

The linux distribution used was BackTrack 3, available here: http://www.remote-exploit.org. Here's the presentation from tonight's meeting as well: ElectronicSecurity1.ppt.

Electronic Security :: 9-8-2008

The locations for the Electronic Security meetings have been updated on the Meetings page. The first meeting will be this Thursday (9/11) from 6:30 - 8:30pm in WAG 308.

Fall 2008 Meeting Schedule, New format ::

The meeting schedule for Fall 2008 is now posted on the Meetings page. We're going to try a new format this semester, with separate meeting dates for those new to lockpicking (Beginner Lockpicking), and those interested in more advanced topics (Advanced Lockpicking). In addition, we're incorporating another aspect of security with our new Electronic Security meetings. If there's enough interest in these meetings we'll make it a permanent part of the club.

And remember, we still have informal meetings on the first Friday of every month that tend to incorporate all three topics. You can find the time and location for these at the bottom of the Meetings page.

Spring 2008 Meeting Schedule ::

Check out the "Meetings" page for this semester's meeting dates.

Informal Meetings ::

We will be having informal meetings on the first Friday of every month. See the "Meetings" page for details.

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